Bookings – How to use the calendar shortcode

1) Navigate to Calboy/Calendar Settings then click the ‘Create’ button to create an Event.



2) After creating the event it will appear in the table in Calboy/Calendar Setting. Each event will have its own shortcode that will appear under the ‘Event Shortcode’ column.



3) Copy the shortcode of the event that you want to appear on a page then paste it in a shortcode block to make it appear on the frontend page.




4) After publishing/updating the page your event will now be ready for bookings.



How to book an appointment.


1) Choose the date and the time for the appointment then click the ‘Next’ button.



2) Enter you details then click the ‘Submit’ button.



3) After submitting the admin will be notified about the booking through email (if enabled in Calboy/Email Settings/Admin Email Template) and the client that booked the appointment will also receive an email about the details of the event(if enabled in Calboy/Email Settings/User Email Template).



Manage Bookings


1) Navigate to Calboy/Bookings to manage the the appointments set by clients. These are the actions that can be done in the Booking Page:

  • Book – The book features lets the admin book for an appointment using the admin page. Booking in the admin page will also send out emails to both admin and user (if both are checked on email settings).
  • Download – The download button lets the admin download the whole appointment into a CSV file.
  • Delete All – This button lets the admin delete all the bookings of all events.
  • Filter Search – This function helps the admin in filtering the bookings table to manage bookings efficiently. There are four parts to filter search these are: Date Range, Event Name, Client Name, and Client Email.